Parsons Lures "Mohawk River Menace" Pattern Spoon

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Inspired by the vibrant and diverse ecosystem of the Mohawk River, the "Mohawk River Menace Pattern" Fishing Spoon by Parsons Lures is a dazzling addition to any angler's collection. This lure features a lustrous, holographic body with a distinctive green stripe down the center, imitating the reflective quality of fish scales and riverine vegetation. Ideal for targeting a broad range of species, the Mohawk Menace's action in the water mimics the erratic movements of small baitfish, a tempting target for both predatory freshwater and opportunistic saltwater species. The varied sizes cater to all fishing situations, from casting in tight streams to trolling in open waters. Whether you're after the acrobatic smallmouth bass, the elusive walleye, or the formidable northern pike, this spoon is crafted to provoke strikes and withstand the vigor of the fight.

  • 1/8oz
    • Dimensions: 1/2" width x 1 1/2" length
    • Hook Size: 8
  • 1/4oz
    • Dimensions: 1/2" width x 2" length
    • Hook Size: 8
  • 1/2oz
    • Dimensions: 5/8" width x 3" length
    • Hook Size: 4
  • 3/4oz
    • Dimensions: 1 1/4" width x 3 1/2" length
    • Hook Size: 2/0
  • 7/8oz
    • Dimensions: 7/8" width x 4" length
    • Hook Size: 2

All Parsons Lure spoons are epoxy coated and baked for extreme durability, not just painted and clear coated. Also, all lures are hand-made in the USA, so patterns will vary slightly from spoon to spoon.

  • Freshwater fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, and northern pike
  • Saltwater angling where flash and action attract bites
  • Adaptable for casting, trolling, and jigging

Target Species:

  • Bass
  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Musky
  • Salmon