Ice Strong Outdoors

Ice Strong Outdoors is a dynamic and innovative brand that caters to the needs of ice fishing enthusiasts. Hailing from Gobles, Michigan, the company has made a name for itself in the fishing community, particularly with its Laker Taker Lures and Spin-n-Glos, which are highly effective for lake trout fishing. In addition to these, Ice Strong Outdoors has expanded its offerings to include the Too Strong salmon flies and Krunch Meat Rigs, further diversifying its product range.


The brand's flagship product, the Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobbers, is a testament to their commitment to quality and functionality. These bobbers are essential for detecting even the slightest bites when ice fishing for panfish. Designed and made in Michigan, these bobbers are compatible with Tungsten jigs and flies and are available in various models to suit different fishing applications, including The Pulse, Ultra-light, Original, and XL versions.


Ice Strong Outdoors not only focuses on fishing tools but also offers a wide array of products for trolling, marine activities, and outdoor apparel for both men and women. Their product line includes items like custom deep divers, shallow divers, various electronic devices, batteries and power boxes, rod and tackle cases, and a range of apparel and accessories. This diverse product range caters to various aspects of outdoor and fishing activities, ensuring that enthusiasts are well-equipped for their adventures.