Tungsten Jigs


Tungsten Jigs are designed to offer anglers a smaller profile with a heavier weight, allowing for a rapid descent and a more sensitive presentation. Their increased density translates to a stronger feel of the bottom and bites, even in deeper waters.

Rigging Tungsten Jigs

Consider these best practices when rigging Tungsten Jigs:

  • Sensitive Rods: Pairing these jigs with a sensitive rod will help detect even the slightest nibbles.
  • Subtle Movements: Due to their weight, small lifts and jiggles can produce an enticing action.
  • Bait Options: Tipping tungsten jigs with live bait or plastics can improve the effectiveness of the jig, particularly in cold water conditions.

Target Species and Habitat

Tungsten Jigs are exceptionally well-suited for:

  • Panfish: The quick drop rate and subtle presentation are ideal for targeting panfish in deeper water.
  • Trout and Walleye: These species are known for their attraction to the precise action that tungsten jigs can provide.

Optimal conditions and habitats for Tungsten Jigs include:

  • Ice Fishing: Their heavy weight makes them a top choice for fishing through the ice.
  • Deep Water: They can reach the strike zone faster than traditional lead jigs, making them perfect for deep-water fishing.
  • Fast-Moving Currents: Tungsten jigs can maintain their position better in currents, offering a consistent presentation.

QwikFishing's selection of Tungsten Jigs includes a variety of sizes and colors to match your fishing needs. Each jig is crafted with precision to ensure quality and performance. Shop with us today and feel the difference tungsten makes in your jigging experience.