Football Jigs


Football Jigs are aptly named for their distinctive head shape, resembling a football, which allows them to roll over rocky bottoms without getting snagged. These jigs are favorites among bass anglers for their ability to maintain contact with the substrate, providing a tempting action to fish.

Rigging Football Jigs

Anglers can enhance their football jig experience with these tips:

  • Robust Hook Pairings: Due to the size and weight of football jigs, pairing them with strong hooks can handle the fight of larger fish.
  • Silicone Skirt Variations: The silicone skirts on these jigs can be customized in length and color to mimic various forage types, from crawfish to baitfish.
  • Soft Plastic Trailers: Adding a soft plastic trailer to a football jig can increase its profile and add more movement, enticing fish to strike.

Target Species and Habitat

Football Jigs are exceptionally suited for:

  • Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass: The jig's ability to mimic a crawfish or baitfish makes it irresistible to these species, especially in deeper water.
  • Walleye: In rocky lake environments, walleye can also be targeted effectively with football jigs.

Optimal conditions and habitats for Football Jigs include:

  • Rocky Lakes and Riverbeds: The unique head design prevents the jig from wedging in rocks, making it ideal for these environments.
  • Deep Water: Their heavier weight makes them suitable for vertical jigging in deeper zones.
  • Moderate to Heavy Cover: While the shape is great for rocks, it also performs well around wood and other submerged structures.

QwikFishing's football jigs are designed to give you the edge in various bottom fishing scenarios. Built with quality components and available in a range of colors and weights, our jigs are poised to become a staple in your fishing arsenal. Explore our selection to find the perfect football jig for your next deep-water expedition.