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There's nothing like the promise of the day to come at the lake (or river!). Anywhere there is water is where we want to be. We are by no means professional fishers, but you won't find anyone more enthusiastic about recreational fishing in its many forms. Over the years we have learned a lot of things that work and, probably more importantly, many things that don't work or have caused us real frustration. That is what drives us to manufacture and/or recommend the products we sell on our site. We want to make your experiences with your families the most enjoyable and productive that they can be, whatever that means to you.

You won't find 40 different color combinations of the same lure on our site, for example. Instead, we'll recommend the 3 or 4 you might consider putting in your box that will perform well for you year in and year out. This saves money and confusion, and will help you spend more time on the water instead of looking at a mega wall of lures trying to decide what to use. Whenever possible, we will use independent US based manufacturers for the tackle and baits that we carry. There is some incredible stuff being made out there that most of us aren't aware of.

Also, take a look at our blog, as there are a ton of topics covering the basics of fishing and the things we have learned along the way. From which line to use, how to net a fish, etc. If there is a particular question you have, feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page and we'll get you the information.

The owners of Qwik Fishing are Bill Bass (real name!) and Josh Borwick, below is a little more about each of us:


Bill Bass (Note: I'm 6'6" #300+ so my fish always look smaller than they are!)


From before I can remember, our family loved the outdoors. One of my families favorite stories is of me sitting in the shade of the door of our convertible in Red Rock Canyon, CA, picking up rocks, cleaning them in my mouth, and putting them in the “clean” pile.

All throughout my life, we camped regularly - Good old canvas tent camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains by the banks of the Kern river. One of my earliest memories of fishing was on one of these trips. I don’t remember having fished before then, but when I was about 10, a friend of our family asked us if we wanted to fish. We didn’t have any gear, but he pulled a pack of Eagle Claw hooks and a jar of Pautzke's out of his glove box, my sister and I found a couple long sticks and some discarded fishing line in the bushes. We caught a couple of trout that day, and I caught the fishing bug.

I’ve had the privilege of two trips to the Boundary Waters which I consider my favorite place on earth. The air and water are pristine, and the fishing is amazing. My first trip I thought the best bet was to take a collapsible pole for my son and I. It seemed like every time we hooked a fish, a little more of the pole would break off. By the time we left the Boundary Waters, both of our poles were down to just the reel and one eyelet. Not the most sensitive of poles, but could still pull in a nice Northern! The next trip I took a real pole, I highly recommend.

I’ve salmon fished with my grandfather off the coast of California, had some great days Crappie fishing with my parents at Lake Isabella, California (Back when it still had water in it), and my family and I have gone to Northern Minnesota at least once every year for the past 20 years. My favorite place to be is trolling along in the boat, listening to the loons, watching the eagles, and waiting for the fish to bite. If I'm in my Old Town kayak, even better.

While I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, I have gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience through the years. As I have, I’ve cultivated a number of go to products that can really make things easier. That is the purpose of this site.

Thanks for stopping by.


Josh Borwick (Right in picture)


From a young age, two passions have continuously shaped my life: a love for problem-solving and an unquenchable thirst for the outdoors. Born into a family that cherished the open air and the freedom it promised, I found a unique peace and thrill in the rituals of camping and fishing.

My monthly camping trips as a child were the fuel to my adventurous spirit, where fishing quickly became my preferred pursuit. My trusty red fishing pole, a simplistic two-piece rod that held as much mystery and promise as the big world itself, was my first partner in these ventures. I still remember how my little heart would race when the adults unveiled their tackle boxes, overflowing with an intricate collection of hooks, bobbers, and innumerable gadgets that held an irresistible allure to my youthful curiosity.

In these humble beginnings, armed with my miniature tackle box and a versatile multi-tool gifted by my father, I truly felt like I was one of the guys, embarking on an epic adventure, each fishing trip a chapter in an unfolding tale.

This enduring passion for the art of fishing received an unexpected boost when I was invited to Alaska by my great aunt and uncle. The 10-hour flight was but a small obstacle on the path to this vast, untamed wilderness that beckoned me with its mysteries. When I finally arrived in "The Last Frontier", I was eager to plunge into the enchanting realm of Kenai Lake.

For an entire week, I fished for salmon in the Kenai Lake, surrounded by the beauty of lush green forests and crystal-clear water. It felt as if I had ventured beyond the boundaries of civilization, into a world untouched by the noise and haste of modern life. The time I spent there was more than a mere vacation; it was an affirmation of my love for fishing, a rekindling of that initial spark ignited years ago during my first fishing expeditions. The sense of peace and freedom that enveloped me during that time is a feeling that remains unmatched, a memory I often return to.

On my return to the regular rhythms of life, my entrepreneurial spirit began to take shape. I launched several ventures of my own, but it was an idea that perfectly meshed my passions that truly ignited my interest. When my friend, who is now my business partner, proposed an online tackle store, I couldn't resist diving in.

So here I am today, navigating the exciting currents of entrepreneurship while staying anchored to my lifelong love for fishing. The journey has not only provided an outlet for my inherent problem-solving skills but also allowed me to maintain a close connection with the world of fishing. The path I've taken lets me experience the best of both worlds – the thrill of building a business and the soothing balm of nature that fishing provides.

The journey continues, and I look forward to exploring new waters, both in business and in the great outdoors. With every problem solved, and every fish caught, I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I am proof that you can indeed turn your passion into your profession, a living testament to the saying, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."