Jig Trailers


Jig Trailers are a pivotal component for anglers looking to customize the presentation and action of their jigs. These soft plastic additions can transform the profile, movement, and buoyancy of a jig, providing versatility to adapt to different fishing conditions and target species.

Types of Jig Trailers and Rigging

  • Craws: Mimic bottom-dwelling creatures, excellent for a defensive posture when rigged on a jig.
  • Paddle Tails: Provide a vigorous kicking action, ideal for swimming jigs through the water column.
  • Creature Baits: Offer a complex silhouette with multiple appendages, perfect for a varied and enticing action.
  • Grubs: Classic trailers that add a spiraling action to rolling and hopping jig presentations.

Target Species and Habitat

Jig Trailers are effective for enticing:

  • Bass: Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are known to respond well to the enhanced action of a well-chosen jig trailer.
  • Pike and Walleye: They can be tempted by the realistic movement of certain trailers, especially in murky waters.

Jig Trailers are particularly useful in:

  • Cover-Rich Environments: The added action can draw strikes from fish hiding in vegetation, wood, or rock.
  • Clear and Stained Waters: Using trailers with natural versus vibrant colors can be matched to the water clarity for optimal results.
  • All Seasons: Depending on the water temperature and activity level of the fish, different trailers can be selected to match the conditions.

At QwikFishing, we offer a comprehensive range of Jig Trailers in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match any fishing strategy. Whether you’re flipping heavy cover or dragging rocky bottoms, our trailers provide the customization you need to make your jigs more enticing. Explore our collection and discover how the right trailer can revolutionize your jig fishing.