Hair Jigs


Hair Jigs, characterized by their natural or synthetic hair materials, provide an organic movement in the water that synthetic materials can't match. These jigs are often used for their delicate presentation, making them an excellent choice for finesse fishing situations where a subtle approach is needed.

Rigging Hair Jigs

When rigging hair jigs, anglers should consider:

  • Light Line and Gear: To maintain the natural movement of the hair in the water, light line and gear are recommended.
  • Jig Head Selection: Depending on the desired action and sink rate, different weights and shapes of jig heads can be used.
  • Trailer Options: While often fished without trailers, adding a small soft plastic or another hair section can alter the jig's profile and action.

Target Species and Habitat

Hair Jigs are particularly effective for:

  • Walleye and Crappie: Their realistic movement and profile are excellent for enticing these species.
  • Trout and Smallmouth Bass: These predators are also known to respond well to the natural appearance and motion of hair jigs.

The ideal conditions and habitats for Hair Jigs include:

  • Cold Water: In colder temperatures, the subtle action of hair jigs can be more effective than aggressive lures.
  • Clear Water: The natural appearance excels in clear conditions where fish can closely inspect their prey.
  • Light Current: In rivers and streams with light current, hair jigs can drift naturally, mimicking small baitfish or insects.

At QwikFishing, we take pride in offering high-quality hair jigs that are as visually appealing to anglers as they are effective for catching fish. Each jig is crafted with precision, ensuring that the hair is tied securely and trimmed to create the perfect silhouette in the water. Explore our wide range of hair jigs to find the ideal choice for your next finesse fishing adventure.