Bladed Jigs


Bladed jigs, also popularly known as chatterbaits, are a distinctive subcategory of jigs that combine the weedless design of a traditional jig with a flashing blade for added vibration and visual attraction. These lures are constructed with a pivotal blade at the front, which helps to produce an erratic, darting motion that mimics a wounded baitfish. This action, coupled with the jig's weedless presentation, makes bladed jigs an invaluable tool in any angler's tackle box.

Rigging Bladed Jigs

The versatility of bladed jigs allows for several rigging options:

  • Solo Presentation: Rigged on its own, the built-in action of the blade and skirt creates an enticing display.
  • Trailer Addition: For added attraction, anglers often pair bladed jigs with plastic trailers such as craws, swimbaits, or grubs to mimic various prey.
  • Weed Guard Integration: In particularly snag-prone environments, adding a weed guard can help navigate through vegetation without compromising the jig's action.

Target Species and Habitat

Bladed jigs are particularly effective for:

  • Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass: Their aggressive vibration and flash make them irresistible to bass species.
  • Pike and Musky: The substantial disturbance bladed jigs create can trigger the predatory instincts of these larger game fish.

As for the habitat and conditions, bladed jigs excel in:

  • Grassy Lakes: They can be worked above and through aquatic vegetation where bass ambush prey.
  • Murky Waters: The vibration helps fish locate the lure when visibility is low.
  • Pre-Spawn and Spawn Seasons: These times are when bass are actively feeding and are drawn to the vigorous movement of bladed jigs.