Ned Baits

Ned Baits: The Artisanal Answer to Finesse Fishing

Welcome, finesse anglers, to QwikFishing's Ned Baits collection! Each bait here is handcrafted by small business artisans, bringing you a unique approach to finesse fishing.

The Special Touch of Our Ned Baits Designed for a subtle and effective presentation, these Ned Baits are perfect for when the fishing gets tough. Their detailed textures and natural movements make them irresistible to wary fish.

Rigging Techniques:

  1. Standard Ned Rig: Ideal for a minimalistic and effective presentation.
  2. Weighted Head: Adds a bit more depth and movement in deeper waters.
  3. Floating Ned Rig: For a different approach that brings the bait off the bottom.

Ideal for Targeting:

  • Bass: Especially effective for smallmouth and finicky largemouth.
  • Trout: Great for clear water where trout are more cautious.
  • Panfish: Perfect for subtle presentations to these smaller species.

Our Ned Baits are more than just lures; they are a testament to the skill and dedication of craftsmen who love fishing as much as you do.