Dr. Juice Fishing

Welcome to Dr. Juice Fishing, the epitome of where scientific innovation meets angling expertise. Founded by Dr. Greg Bambenek, a psychiatrist with a passion for olfaction and behavioral science, the brand is a trailblazer in formulating scientifically backed fish attractants. Dr. Bambenek's advanced studies in fish olfactory systems have resulted in products that are far more than mere combinations of scent and taste. They're meticulously crafted formulas that mirror natural, living bait in both water-soluble and oil-based forms, designed to make every cast count. From freshwater species like Walleye, Northern Pike, and Bass to saltwater challenges like shrimp, there’s a specialized scent for every angler's needs.


What truly sets Dr. Juice apart is not just its species-specific scents, but also its recognition and validation from legends in the fishing community, including world record-holders and championship winners. Figures such as Mark Martin and Ken O’Brien have set records and won championships using these products, offering an unparalleled stamp of real-world efficacy. Choose Dr. Juice, and you're not just choosing an attractant; you're choosing the promise of scientific rigor, lasting effectiveness, and perhaps most importantly, a transformed fishing experience.