Brush Jigs


Brush Jigs are the quintessential lure for anglers looking to brave the thickest underwater forests. These jigs are purpose-built with a sturdy, streamlined head that allows them to slip through dense brush, laydowns, and other snag-prone areas with reduced risk of getting caught.

Rigging Brush Jigs

To maximize the effectiveness of Brush Jigs, consider the following rigging strategies:

  • Straight Shank Hook Setup: The straight shank hook is a classic choice for brush jigs, allowing for solid hooksets in heavy cover.
  • Soft Plastic Trailers: Adding a soft plastic trailer can enhance the jig's profile and action, making it more lifelike.
  • Weed Guard Configuration: Most brush jigs come with a robust weed guard, which can be trimmed to desired stiffness, ensuring the jig moves through cover while still being effective at hooking fish.

Target Species and Habitat

Brush Jigs are particularly suited for targeting:

  • Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass: Their ability to present in heavy cover without snagging is ideal for tempting bass in their natural hiding spots.
  • Northern Pike: In waters with substantial vegetation, brush jigs can lure out these ambush predators.

The preferred habitats and conditions for Brush Jigs include:

  • Dense Vegetation: They navigate through lily pads, reeds, and milfoil effectively.
  • Wood Cover: Their design is adept at maneuvering around stumps, branches, and fallen trees.
  • Muddy or Stained Water: The bulky profile and potential for large trailers make brush jigs a good choice for attracting fish in less clear conditions.

QwikFishing's selection of Brush Jigs is crafted to endure the challenges of heavy cover fishing. Our jigs feature premium hooks and materials, ensuring that they perform cast after cast. Browse our collection and find the ideal Brush Jig to tackle even the most intimidating covers.