Arky Head Jigs


Arky jigs, named after the Arkansas jig mold from which they were first created, are a mainstay in the world of bass fishing due to their head design that is tailored for navigating structure without getting snagged. These jigs feature a broad, rounded head that can bump and bounce off rocks, timber, and other underwater obstructions, making them ideal for targeting fish in complex habitats.

Rigging Arky Jigs

Arky jigs offer diverse rigging possibilities:

  • Stand-Alone Rig: The intrinsic balance of Arky jigs allows them to stand upright on the lakebed, presenting the skirt and trailer in a defensive crawfish posture.
  • Trailer Integration: Soft plastic trailers can be added to mimic various prey species, enhancing the allure of the jig.
  • Brush Guard Adaptations: The inclusion of a brush guard provides extra snag resistance, allowing the angler to fish with confidence in heavy cover.

Target Species and Habitat

Arky jigs are especially effective in enticing:

  • Largemouth Bass: They excel in luring bass from their hideouts within heavy cover.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Their effectiveness extends to smallmouth bass in rocky rivers and lakes.

Ideal conditions and habitats for Arky jigs include:

  • Rocky Bottoms: Their head design is perfect for deflecting off rocks, a common bass hideout.
  • Wood Cover: The jigs can slide over and around wood without getting caught, which is crucial in lakes filled with fallen trees and stumps.
  • Dock Fishing: The compact design is excellent for skipping under docks or through tight cover where bass conceal themselves.

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