Dry Fork Custom Lures Performance Hybrid Grass Jig

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The Dry Fork Custom Lures Performance Hybrid Grass Jig available at QwikFishing represents a pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship in fishing tackle, hand-tied with precision by a father/son team in the United States. Each jig is a result of expert design and meticulous assembly, catering to anglers who demand the very best in their fishing gear.

The jigs come in several weight options (3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, and 3/4 oz) and are fitted with high-quality Mustad Extra point hooks in sizes 3/0, 4/0, and 6/0. They boast a bullet-shaped profile with an encapsulated line tie and a balanced head that ensures upright positioning on the bottom, vital for maintaining the natural appearance of the bait.

The colors of the Performance Hybrid Grass Jig variety imitate a wide spectrum of forage and are designed to thrive in specific fishing scenarios:

  1. Silver Shad: With a shimmery, silvery base, interspersed with streaks of blue and black, this jig simulates the flash and allure of a fleeing shad, making it an ideal choice in clear to slightly stained waters where visual cues are paramount for predator fish.

  2. Money Craw: This colorway mimics the nuanced coloration of crawfish, an essential part of the diet for bass and other freshwater predators. It is characterized by a harmonious blend of natural brown and green tones with a hint of metallic flake to catch light and create an appealing flash.

  3. Black/Blue: A tried and true color combination that delivers exceptional visibility in murky waters, this jig's dark silhouette is offset by blue highlights, providing a striking contrast that can provoke strikes from bass using both visual and lateral line senses to hunt.

  4. Green Pumpkin Mint: This subtle, yet enticing blend of green pumpkin base with mint accents is versatile across various environments, closely resembling benthic organisms and small fish.

  5. Missouri Craw: Reflecting the warm, muddy waters often found in the Midwest, this color combination provides a realistic crawfish imitation perfect for river systems and lakes.

  6. Bream: Resembling the sunfish family, this color pattern includes tones of blue and orange, representing a common prey for many freshwater species.

  7. Sexy Shad: Known for its bright and flashy appearance, this color scheme incorporates shades of white, blue, and silver, closely resembling the lively shad which are frequent targets for predatory fish.

Each jig features a roughly 70-80 strand skirt, recessed eye cavities for 3D eyes, a staggered barb keeper system, and an angled fiber weed guard, all reinforced by baking at 350°F for enhanced durability. 

The Performance Hybrid Grass Jig is tailored for flipping in dense vegetation, dragging along the bottom, and using the swimming jig technique to mimic the movement of prey in open waters. The jigs target bass, pike, muskie, and walleye, performing exceptionally well in heavy cover, such as grass and weeds, around structures in freshwater, and in mixed vegetation and rocky areas​​.

Each handcrafted jig's appearance will vary, giving every piece its unique charm.

  • Weight Options: 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, and 3/4 oz.
  • Hook Sizes: 3/0, 4/0, and 6/0 Mustad Extra point hooks.
  • Design: Encapsulated line tie, bullet-shaped profile, balanced head for upright positioning.
  • Features: Recessed eye cavities for 3D eyes, staggered barb keeper system, angled fiber weed guard.
  • Durability: Baked at 350°F for 25 minutes, roughly 70-80 strand skirt.

Rigging Methods:

  • Flipping in Dense Vegetation: Ideal for navigating through grassy areas.
  • Dragging Along Bottom: Effective in rocky or uneven terrains.
  • Swimming Jig Technique: Mimics the movement of prey in open waters.

Target Fish & Habitats:

  • Bass: Particularly in heavy cover, such as grass and weeds.
  • Pike and Muskie: Around structures in freshwater.
  • Walleye: In mixed vegetation and rocky areas.