Standup Jigs


Standup Jigs are a unique breed of fishing jigs designed to rest on the bottom while keeping the hook and bait presented in an upright position, mimicking the natural posture of prey in a defensive or feeding stance. This design is effective for tempting a variety of species, especially bass.

Rigging Standup Jigs

To maximize the potential of Standup Jigs, anglers should consider the following rigging tips:

  • Appropriate Hook Size: Match the hook size with your bait to ensure the jig stands correctly and provides optimal hook sets.
  • Bait Choices: Pair these jigs with creature baits, craws, or worms that enhance the upright presentation.
  • Weedless Options: Many standup jigs come equipped with a weed guard to allow for fishing in and around structure without snagging.

Target Species and Habitat

Standup Jigs are particularly effective for:

  • Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass: The upright stance of these jigs can entice bass to strike, believing the bait to be an easy meal.
  • Walleye and Pike: These predators can also be attracted to the standup jig's distinct presentation.

Optimal conditions and habitats for Standup Jigs include:

  • Rocky or Gravel Bottoms: Their design allows them to stand up against uneven terrain.
  • Around Stumps and Laydowns: The upright presentation is less likely to snag and more likely to draw attention in these areas.
  • Clear to Stained Water: The visible presentation of standup jigs makes them versatile for various water clarities.

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