Brian Barkey, Artist

Brian Barkey grew up in Knoxville, Iowa, and attended Buena Vista College, where he majored in Art Education and minored in Physical Education. During his high school and college years, as well as his first two teaching jobs in Ventura and Albert City-Truesdale, Brian was an avid fisherman and hunter, primarily focusing on pheasants and waterfowl. His passion for deer hunting ignited when he took a teaching position in Clarinda, Iowa. A significant moment in his hunting career occurred on November 2nd, 2002, when Brian harvested a 202-inch, 19-point non-typical deer. He continued his hunting success with a 179-inch typical deer in 2006.


Brian eventually moved back to Knoxville, where he taught in his hometown for 16 years until his retirement in 2022. Following his retirement, he remains active in the art world, selling his artwork. As you can undobtedly see, Brian has a wonderful talent in capturing the beauty of his subjects. Brian has also started a new business centered around rebuilding and restoring deer antlers, a venture that allows him to enjoy the stories people share when they bring in their antlers. Brian can spend hours looking at antlers with great fascination, reveling in their beauty and uniqueness. In addition to this, Brian also produces functional pottery, including coffee mugs, pitchers, vases, casserole dishes, serving bowls, pouring bowls, platters, chip/dip platters, and vases.