Liquid Baits Premium Scents, 2oz Bottle, 6 Scents Available

Liquid Baits
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Willowcat, Leech, Nightcrawler, Gizzard Shad, Fly Larva, Crawfish, Garlic, and Anise (Depending on scent)
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Liquid Baits Premium Scents: The Original Game-Changer in Fish Attraction

Unveiling the Flagship Products that Redefined Fishing—The Ultimate High Density Scents!

Willowcat Scent:Introducing Liquid Willowcat scent, the first-of-its-kind fish attractant that catapulted us into the angling limelight. As the ONLY scent on the market made with authentic Willowcats, this liquid gold is a breakthrough in fish attraction, revolutionizing how anglers approach walleye, smallmouth, trout, and flathead fishing.

Leech Scent: Starts with a base of liquid willowcat with real leeches and garlic added to the mix. This strong scent works great for just about any game fish when using any artificial bait, and can even be added to live bait for that extra bit of fish love. It just works!

Crawfish Scent: Again starts with a base of liquid willowcat with, you guessed it, crawfish added. This stuff smells so much like the real thing, you'll be looking around for the Old Bay Seasoning! Works wonders on smallmouth, perch, and trout, as well as bass and even walleye. (Not for human consumption!)

Larva Scent: Starting with a base of liquid willowcat with the addition of fly larva and anise. We're not 100% sure, but we think this tastes like licorice bugs. But hey, the panfish, trout and other gamefish seem to love it, so who are we to argue! Works great on wet flies and hair jigs, either ice fishing or open water.

Shad Scent: The original willowcat base with gizzard shad added for that extra zing! Walleye and smallmouth go crazy over this flavor, even to the point of addiction. It isn't pretty when it happens, so use cautiously! Seriously though, this will help get them in the boat.

Nightcrawler Scent: Willowcat base with only the fattest, most scrumptious nightcrawlers added. Open the bottle and you'll have no doubt when you inhale that deep, earthy smell that drives trout, walley, and panfish wild. Flip top bottle makes it much easier to apply than rubbing a nightcrawler on stuff, and it works!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • The Original & The Best: The Liquid Baits Willowcat Scent is our flagship product that started it all. Trusted and used by seasoned anglers, it remains unparalleled in its class.

  • Exclusive Willowcat Formulations: Unique to Liquid Baits, it's the only scent line developed using real Willowcats, ensuring an unbeatable and authentic aroma that no fish can resist.

  • Multi-Species Effectiveness: Specially engineered to attract a wide range of fish including walleye, smallmouth, trout, flathead, and panfish, enhancing your fishing experience across different environments.

  • Versatile Application: Easy-to-use liquid form allows you to squirt on or dip your favorite lure for immediate effectiveness. It even boosts the attraction of live bait and is deadly when injected into nightcrawlers.

  • Convenient Packaging: Housed in a 2-ounce flip-top bottle, it's designed for effortless application and secure storage, ensuring zero spills and optimal scent preservation.


  • Bottle Size: 2 ounces
  • Packaging: User-Friendly Flip-Top Bottle
  • Scent: Real Willowcat-based formula
  • Target Species: Walleye, Smallmouth, Trout, Panfish, Flathead, and most other game fish.

Liquid Baits Scents are not just a product; they're a revolution in the world of fishing scents. As the only Willowcat-based scents available, they have won the trust of anglers everywhere and set a new standard for fish attraction. The highly concentrated scents, coupled with its ease of use and broad-species effectiveness, makes it the go-to solution for any fishing scenario.

Don't settle for imitations; choose the original and experience fishing like never before. Make Liquid Baits Willowcat based scents an essential part of your fishing arsenal today and witness the difference that true quality can make!