Dr. Juice Fish Scent Tournament Style Spray, 4 oz Spray Bottle, 6 Available Scents

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Dr. Juice Tournament Spray Scent – 4oz Spray Bottle


Unleash the full potential of your angling prowess with Dr. Juice Tournament Spray Scent. Optimized for a fuss-free application and long-lasting effectiveness, this spray scent variation combines the legendary efficacy of Dr. Juice® Super Concentrate Fish Scent with the convenience of a spray format. Trusted by world-class anglers and record-holders, this scientifically-engineered formula is meticulously designed to target multiple fish species in both freshwater and saltwater habitats.

Spray Convenience

  • Rapid-Action Formula: Achieves the same instant results as the super concentrate, now in a ready-to-use spray.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for coating fishing nets, tackle, and larger areas of water.

Pioneering Chemistry

  • Multi-Potent Elements: A synergistic blend of oil-based and water-soluble components, replicating the sensory markers of live bait.
  • Specialized Pheromones: Incorporates sex, fear, and schooling pheromones for heightened fish attraction.
  • Advanced Amino Acids: Custom-designed peptides that interact directly with fish olfactory receptors.

High Efficacy & Longevity

  • Catch Multiplier: Independently verified to increase catch rates by more than 300%.
  • Extended Duration: One spray delivers 30 minutes of potency with suggested re-application every 15 minutes.

Field-Validated Performance

  • Celebrity-Endorsed: Trusted by professional anglers including Mark Martin and Roland Martin.
  • Record-Breaking Results: Proven efficacy in landing World and State Record catches.

Species-Specific Formulations

  • Choose from tailored formulations designed for Walleye, Northern Pike/Muskie, Panfish/Crappie, Bass, Trout/Salmon, and Shrimp.

Groundbreaking Formulation

  • The spray leverages sex pheromones to initiate aggressive behavior, making fish more prone to striking.
  • Fear pheromones, derived from injured baitfish, serve as a powerful attractant for predatory fish species.
  • Schooling pheromones streamline the predator fish’s ability to locate your bait, amplifying catch probabilities.
  • Special amino acids and fish extracts interact directly with fish olfactory organs, inducing the predatory strike response.

Proven Prodigy

  • Walleye: A go-to for 1990 Professional Walleye Trail Championship winner Mark Martin.
  • Northern Pike/Muskie: Enabled Ken O’Brien's world-record catch of a 65lb All Tackle Muskie.
  • Bass: Played a decisive role in Roland Martin landing the largest bass of his TV career.
  • Trout/Salmon: Holds a distinguished reputation for netting both World and State Record trout and salmon.

Usage Guidelines

  • SHAKE WELL before each use.
  • One thorough spray is sufficient for most applications.
  • Longevity of 30 minutes per spray; re-application every 15 minutes is advised for continuous efficacy.