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Dr. Juice® Super Concentrate Fish Scent Series

Elevate your angling game with Dr. Juice® Super Concentrate Fish Scent—a scientifically formulated fish attractant that marries both oils and water-soluble ingredients for an unparalleled fishing experience. Endorsed by fishing legends and designed with specific pheromones and amino acids, this scent series is your ultimate weapon to attract, engage, and retain your catch in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Formulation Specifics


  • Unique Blend: Tailored to attract Walleye specifically.
  • Endorsement: Utilized by Mark Martin, winner of the 1990 Professional Walleye Trail Championship.

Northern Pike/Muskie

  • Enhanced Attractants: Incorporates elements particularly irresistible to Pike and Muskie.
  • Legacy: Helped Ken O’Brien catch a 65lb. All Tackle World Record Muskie in 1989.


  • Selective Elements: Specially formulated for Panfish and Crappie.
  • Testimonials: High efficacy reported among recreational fishermen and fishing guides.


  • High-Impact Components: Targets bass for more aggressive behavior.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Trusted by Roland Martin, nine-time “BASS ANGLER OF THE YEAR.”


  • Species-Specific: The only "Species Specific" formulation designed specifically for trout and salmon.
  • Record-Breaking: Known to produce World and State Record trout and salmon.

Shrimp (Saltwater)

  • Saltwater Adapted: Formulated for the unique needs of saltwater fishing.
  • Universal Appeal: Effective for a wide range of saltwater fish species attracted to shrimp scent.

Product Highlights

  1. Multi-Component Formula: Contains both oil-based and water-soluble ingredients, mimicking the natural properties of living bait.
  2. Highly Effective: Proven to more than triple your catch rate, based on studies from charter boat captains, guides, and fishing scientists.
  3. Species-Specific Scents: Tailored formulations for Walleye, Northern Pike/Muskie, Panfish/Crappie, Bass, Trout/Salmon, and Shrimp.
  4. Long-Lasting: One application lasts for 30 minutes; recommended re-application every 15 minutes.
  5. Field-Tested: Leveraged by world-record holders and champions for astonishing results.
  6. Concentrated Power: Just one drop is potent enough to radically improve your fishing efficiency.

Advanced Features

Potent Pheromones & Amino Acids

  • Sex Pheromones: Trigger aggressive behavior in fish, making them more likely to strike.
  • Fear Pheromones: Extracted from injured baitfish to attract and excite predatory fish.
  • Schooling Pheromones: Aid predator fish in honing in on your bait, maximizing catch probability.
  • Special Amino Acids and Fish Extracts: Targets the olfactory organ of fish to stimulate strikes.

Proven Track Record

  • Walleye: 1990 Professional Walleye Trail Championship winner Mark Martin's choice.
  • Northern Pike & Muskie: Enabled Ken O’Brien to catch a 65lb All Tackle World Record Muskie in 1989.
  • Bass: Nine-time “BASS ANGLER OF THE YEAR” Roland Martin caught the largest bass of his TV career using Dr. Juice.
  • Trout & Salmon: Holds records for both World and State Record trout and salmon.

How to Use

  1. SHAKE WELL before each use.
  2. Apply one drop directly to live bait, flies, or lures.
  3. It’s concentrated and will last for 30 minutes.
  4. Re-application is recommended every 15 minutes for sustained effectiveness.