Liquid Baits Scented Ice Leech Plastic Soft Bait

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Liquid Leech Premium Ice Fishing Plastic Leeches with powerful fish attracting scents.

Elevate your ice fishing game with Handmade Scented Ice Leech Plastic Soft Baits by Liquid Willowcat. Each bait is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and performance under the coldest conditions. Available in vibrant colors of red, gold, silver, and an innovative glow-in-the-dark white, these baits stand out in the icy waters, attracting a wide range of fish.

Liquids unique dual-scent technology sets these baits apart. The enticing scent isn't just coated on the exterior; it's ingeniously blended into the bait itself, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent release that's irresistible to fish. This makes Liquid Willowcat Ice Leech Baits perfect for those hard-to-please catches, giving you an unmatched advantage.

The texture and movement of these soft baits mimic real leeches, ensuring a natural presentation that's bound to fool even the most cautious of fish. Whether you're targeting walleye, sauger, or jumbo perch, these baits have got you covered.

Choose Liquid Baits Brand Handmade Scented Ice Leech Plastic Soft Baits for your next ice fishing adventure and experience the difference of a truly premium bait.

8 Baits per pack