JH Custom Baits Hand Painted 4.5 Inch 110 Plus Series Medium Diving Shad Minnow

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JH Custom Baits Hand Painted 4.5 Inch 110 Plus Series Medium Diving Shad Minnow: Precision Meets Performance

Step aboard the pro angling scene with the JH Custom Baits Hand Painted 4.5 Inch 110 Plus Series Medium Diving Shad Minnow. This lure isn't just another entry in your tackle box—it's a statement of finesse and precision. Specially crafted for Qwik Fishing enthusiasts, each of these lures is the result of meticulous hand painting, offering a visual appeal that's as striking as its underwater performance. The 110 Plus Series Shad Minnow strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic detail and functional prowess, providing anglers with the edge they need to outsmart elusive fish.


  • Body Length: 4.5 inches
  • Running Depth*: 8 to 12 feet
  • Weight: 13.8 grams
  • Action: Medium Diving
  • Rattling: Yes, finely tuned

*Take note: Running Depths are subject to change due to factors like current, line type and weight, and the speed of retrieve/trolling.

How It's Done:

  • Trolling: With its medium dive, the 110 Plus is perfect for that sweet spot in the water column, giving you a steady wobble and enticing roll that's simply irresistible to predatory fish on the prowl.

  • Casting: Aim for those strategic spots—whether it's structure-filled shallows or open water. This lure's action during retrieval is nothing short of alluring, perfect for tempting fish out of their comfort zones.

Fish On The Line:

The 4.5 Inch 110 Plus Series Shad Minnow is a favorite for landing:

  • Walleye, who can't ignore its seductive dive
  • Bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, that fall for its shad-like appearance
  • Northern Pike, ready to strike at its realistic swim
  • Trout, curious for a taste of something different
  • Salmon, looking for that mid-water meal

Tailored to emulate:

  • The elusive Shad
  • Deceptive Minnows
  • Perch, hiding among the reeds
  • Sunfish, the staple in many a fish diet

With its hand-painted finesse, this lure mimics the subtleties of these forage fish to perfection.