Ghost Custom Baits 1.2 Inch Crappie Prince Soft Plastic Ice Fishing Bait

Ghost Custom Baits
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Each package includes 10 baits
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The "Crappie Prince" by Ghost Custom Baits, at 1.2 inches, is the royal choice for ice fishing aficionados. Crafted with precision by U.S. small business artisans, these lures are designed for the dedicated angler seeking quality and performance.

Key Features:

  • Hand-Poured Craftsmanship: Each piece is individually created with attention to detail by American small business artisans.
  • Designed for Crappie: The size and action are specifically tailored to target crappie, ensuring effective fishing.
  • Infused with Attractant: Scented with "The Juice" to increase strikes and catch rates.
  • Multiple Color Options: A wide range of colors to match any fishing condition.
  • Pack Size: Comes in a pack of 10, allowing for a well-stocked tackle box.

With the "Crappie Prince", you're not just fishing; you're claiming your throne on the ice.