So Good Baits Hand Poured Soft Plastic "Dual-Tail (DT) Grub" Bait

So Good Baits
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Contains 12 Pieces
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Charlton, Massachusetts, USA
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Hey, angling aficionado! Prepare to make some ripples with the “So Good Hand Poured Soft Plastic 'DT Grub' Bait.” These grubs are handcrafted masterpieces, double-tailed for that irresistible action that's bound to get you double takes from bass.

Pack Size: Each pack delivers a dozen DT Grubs, doubling your chances for that perfect catch.

Dial in the hues for success:

  1. Green Pumpkin: Crystal clear water on a bright day? Go incognito with this natural choice.

  2. Watermelon: For that light stain in the water when the sun is high, this color will make 'em bite.

  3. Black/Blue Flake: Stir up some mystery in dark or muddy waters; the contrast will be your ally on overcast days.

  4. Black/Cherry Flake: Those low-light conditions or murkier waters call for a flashy entrance, and this one does just that.

  5. Qwik Catch Green: Versatile as they come, for when you need to adapt quickly to changing conditions, whether it’s stained or clear water.

These DT Grubs are a perfect imitation of various forage, from double-tailed creatures to nervous baitfish. They’re ideal for a variety of covers such as submerged timber, rocky bottoms, and even weed beds. Rig 'em up on a jig head, swing them on a spinnerbait, or let them fly solo on a Texas rig for a weedless wonder.

The colors are crafted for specific scenarios: natural tones for clear and sunny days, bold and dark for when the waters are stirred up or the clouds are rolling in.

Emphasis on Handcrafted Excellence:

Each “So Good DT Grub” is hand-poured, ensuring that every bait is infused with a personal touch that mass production simply can't offer. The unique dual-tail design is crafted to deliver a seductive swimming action that mimics live forage with precision, enticing even the most cautious of bass to strike. This isn't just bait; it's a piece of artisanal craftsmanship meant to blend seamlessly into the underwater world and outperform the rest.

Get ready to cast these “So Good DT Grubs” and watch the magic unfold in the water. Because when it comes to fishing, two tails are always better than one!