So Good Baits Hand Poured Soft Plastic "Chub"

So Good Baits
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Contains 12 Pieces
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Charlton, Massachusetts, USA
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Hey there, fellow fish whisperer! Check out the 'So Good Hand Poured Soft Plastic "Chub" Bait'—your new secret weapon for those cunning catches. These beauties are artisanal masterpieces, each one poured with dedication for an authentic, lifelike presentation in the water.

Pack Size: Scoop up 12 of these chubs and watch your fishing tales grow as big as your catches.

Time to pick your palette for peak performance:

  1. Green Pumpkin: Like camouflage for those clear, sunny days—blend in and stand out.

  2. Watermelon: Slightly stained water has met its match; these babies shimmer just right under a bright sky.

  3. Black/Blue Flake: When the waters are dark and the skies are grey, this contrast king turns heads.

  4. Black/Cherry Flake: Dawn, dusk, or dirty water, the sparkle of this lure makes for an irresistible meal.

  5. Qwik Catch Green: Changeable weather or undecided waters? This versatile victor is your go-to.

These chub baits are a true imitation of baitfish and other chubby forage that bass love to bully. They thrive in areas with structures like submerged logs, rock piles, and even around docks. You can rig these champs on a drop shot, dance them on a Carolina rig, or even go weightless for that subtle approach.

Select your shade according to the day's canvas: natural colors for sunny and clear, darker tones for when the waters are as moody as the sky.

Celebration of Handcrafted Artistry:

Each "So Good Chub" bait is not just created, it’s crafted—with the personal touch that comes from a true hand-pouring process. This not only gives every single bait its unique flair but also ensures an action in the water that is as close to nature as you can get. So when you’re out there, casting your line with a 'So Good Chub,' you’re not just fishing, you're making art where the water meets the sky


Whip out these 'So Good Chub' baits and get ready for some good times, tight lines, and stories that’ll stick. Because at the end of the day, it's all about the craft, the catch, and the undeniable satisfaction of knowing you've got the best in your tackle box.