Liquid Baits Original Willowcat (6 Pack)

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Liquid Baits Original Willowcat

The Secret Weapon for Tournament-Winning Anglers: As Close to Live Willowcat as Artificial Bait Can Get!

Meet the bait that changed the game—the Liquid Baits Original Willowcat. This iconic lure perfectly imitates a real willowcat in both scent and appearance, making it the closest alternative to using live bait. Favored by Upper Mississippi River Walleye anglers for decades, this lure has proven itself time and again in tournaments. Its versatility is unmatched: whether you're jigging, drop-shotting, or swimming it in current, the Liquid Baits Original Willowcat delivers results every time.

  • Unrivaled Realism: Designed with a lifelike willowcat pattern, this lure offers unparalleled realism in the water, irresistible to Walleye and Smallmouth alike.

  • Authentic Scenting: Pre-scented with Liquid Willowcat formula, this lure emits a scent that is as close to a real willowcat as you'll find in any artificial bait.

  • Unbeatable Versatility: Jig it, drop shot it, swim it in current, pop it over rocks, use it as a trailer, or fish it like a fluke bait—the choices are endless and effective.

  • Optimal Size for Maximum Attraction: At 3.5 inches, the Original Willowcat provides the perfect bite-sized offering for both Walleye and Smallmouth, increasing your chances of landing that trophy catch.

  • Convenience & Value: Arrives pre-scented and ready-to-fish, eliminating the need for additional scenting. Comes in a pack of 6 for extended fishing sessions.

  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Scent: Pre-scented with Liquid Willowcat
  • Pack Quantity: 6 per pack

The Liquid Baits Original Willowcat is the artificial bait of choice for tournament-winning anglers. Combining a realistic design with an authentic scent, this lure brings you as close to using live willowcat as an artificial bait can get. Favored for its unmatched versatility and effectiveness, the Original Willowcat will not only help you attract but also land the biggest Walleyes and Smallmouths.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Experience the lure that started it all, and join the ranks of anglers who swear by the Liquid Baits Original Willowcat!