Liquid Baits Hellgrammite UV (12 Pack)

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Liquid Baits Hellgrammite

Elevate Your Fishing Experience: The Ultimate Lure for Smallmouth, Walleye, and Trophy Trout

Discover the game-changing power of the Liquid Baits Hellgrammite, a premium, floating plastisol lure meticulously designed to mimic the natural movement and scent of live hellgrammites. This versatile and UV-enhanced lure is specifically formulated to attract a wide range of gamefish including Smallmouth, Walleye, and trophy Trout. Experience exceptional performance whether you're drop-shotting or vertically jigging, and elevate your chances of making that unforgettable catch.

  • Ultra-Realistic Design: Engineered with a segmented body that moves naturally in the water, perfectly imitating the swimming action of real hellgrammites.

  • Proprietary Scent Technology: This lure is not just another scented bait; it is imbued with the only scent on the market that is made with real hellgrammites and willowcats. An absolute game changer in the world of lure fishing.

  • UV-Enhanced for Maximum Visibility: The UV-enhanced features amplify the lure’s visibility underwater, drawing in fish from afar and significantly increasing your catch rate.

  • Optimal Size for Versatility: At 3.5 inches, the Hellgrammite is the perfect size to attract Smallmouth, Walleye, and even trophy Trout.

  • Flexible and Efficient: Whether you're drop-shotting or vertically jigging, the Hellgrammite offers multiple techniques to nab your target fish.

  • Ready-to-Use Convenience: Forget the hassle of applying additional scents or sprays. This lure comes pre-scented and ready to use, right out of the pack.

  • Generous Pack Size: Each package includes 12 lures, giving you ample opportunity to land that trophy catch.


  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Material: Premium floating plastisol
  • Pack Quantity: 12 per pack
  • UV-Enhanced: Yes
  • Scent: Unique blend of real hellgrammites and willowcats

The Liquid Baits Hellgrammite brings you an unparalleled fishing experience, featuring a proprietary scent and a lifelike design that mimics real hellgrammites. This lure is your ultimate ally in landing Smallmouth, Walleye, and trophy Trout. Designed with both the casual angler and the tournament veteran in mind, the Hellgrammite proves that innovation and quality can co-exist in one phenomenal product.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your tackle box with this must-have lure. Experience the Liquid Baits Hellgrammite and redefine your fishing adventures!