G-Sox Custom Rod Cover/Sleeve with Lure Guard, 4 Colors Available

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G-Sox Custom Rod and Lure Covers are the quintessential companion for anglers seeking a seamless fishing experience. These covers eliminate the hassle of managing gear, allowing fishers to dedicate more time to the thrill of the catch.

The G-Sox Edge: Integrated Protection: With G-Sox, the need for separate rod and lure covers is obsolete. Their unique design offers comprehensive protection, securing both rod and lure together.

Simplicity in Use: The use of expandable low-friction industrial mesh and a clear flex sleeve in their construction ensures that G-Sox covers can be easily applied or removed.

Adaptable Sizing: The plastic tube portion is 2-1/4 inches in diameter and 9 inches in length. This makes these covers suitable for a diverse range of lures and rods, with customization available for varying rod lengths.

Enduring Quality: Constructed from materials that brave the elements, G-Sox covers provide dependable use across many fishing seasons.

Innovative Patent-Pending Design: The G-Sox covers are more than just protective gear—they are a distinctive, patent-pending innovation in the world of fishing.

Material Innovation: The choice of low-friction industrial mesh not only simplifies the application but also promotes air circulation, ensuring that equipment remains dry and free from rust.

Multifunctional Design: The transparent flex sleeve enhances protection while also offering the convenience of quick equipment identification—essential for anglers with multiple rods.

Efficient Transport: For those who carry several rods, the G-Sox design helps to lessen friction, diminishing wear and extending the life of your gear.

Protective Storage: The breathable nature of the G-Sox material makes it an excellent choice for safeguarding equipment during the off-season, preventing common issues like mold and corrosion.

Rapid Selection: The visibility provided by the clear sleeve aids in swift decision-making regarding rod and lure changes, streamlining fishing excursions.


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    Posted by Liston Mobley on 7th Mar 2024

    GSox is perfect for protecting my crank, jerk and chatter baits and keeping them from getting tangled. They also provide Outstanding customer service.